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What happened with pupils’ oral production when engaged in games?
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This study reports on the trends and concerns of ESL teacher trainees in using game strategy to improve speaking skill in a rural and remote primary schoolThis study was conducted over three weeks with five remote areas primary schools pupils under the Malubang Outreach Programme, in Malubang, Pitas in Sabah. This study involved 22 TESL (Teaching of English as A Second Language) education undergraduates in the School of Education and Social Development at University of Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia. Teacher trainees used game strategy throughout to improve pupils? oral skills. Data were collected through observation, questionnaires, and reflective essays. In sum, this study revealed the concerns of teacher trainees using game strategy comprised of restructuring teacher trainees? instructional techniques based on the following: The internal and external environment conditions that influenced the effectiveness of various language games used, for example, instructional setting; group dynamics; communication patterns and modes; organization, cultural factors and distance/time factors and management of the learning environment and technology.

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    . Hamzah Md.Omar